(40) Kakashi and Orochimaru: Face to Face
Kreskówka: Naruto | Bajka: (40) Kakashi and Orochimaru: Face to Face - (40) Kakashi i Orochimaru: Twarzą w twarz | Seria: 2 | Odcinek: 14 | Ocena: 0.00 | Komenatarzy: 4 | Wyświetlono: 18320
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When he reached the village where the girl lived, he inquired who was the richest and who the poorest woman in it. The richest was named first; the poorest, he was told, was a young girl who lived alone within a tiny cottage in the far end of the village.The girl, obtaining lost her spindle, took up the shuttle and, seating herself at her loom, started to weave. Meantime the spindle danced on and on, and just as it had come towards the finish on the golden thread, it reached the Kings son.
01.06.2013 11:33
The spindle, the shuttle, plus the needle have been carefully placed inside the treasury, and had been always held inside the highly highest honour.
01.06.2013 12:14
for she never ever doubted that the Prince will be faithful to her and would return as fairly quickly as he could.Every day she drove the cattle to pasture, and all of the time she believed of absolutely nothing but her faithless bridegr.
01.06.2013 12:21
oom. She was particularly devoted to a specific tiny calf in the herd, and created an amazing pet of it, feeding it out of her personal hands. She taught it to kneel before her, after which she whispered in its ear:
01.06.2013 12:26

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