(314) A Night of Rain
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Kreskówka: Naruto | Bajka: (314) A Night of Rain - (314) Deszcz Całą Noc | Seria: 14 | Odcinek: 6 | Ocena: 0.00 | Komenatarzy: 4 | Wyświetlono: 17603
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The spindle, the shuttle, along with the needle had been very carefully placed inside the treasury, and were usually held within the extremely highest honour.
01.06.2013 11:26
one particular embroidered with stars, 1 with moons, as well as the third with suns, all of pure gold. Far and wide she wandered through the world, but nowhere did she discover any trace of her bridegroom. At last she gave up the search in despair. She couldnt bear to return to her personal castle where she had been so pleased with her lover,
01.06.2013 12:36
She looked up, and when she saw the Kings son gazing in at her, she blushed red all over, cast down her eyes and span on. No matter if the thread was rather as even as usual I seriously cannot say, but she went on spinning till the Kings son had ridden off. Then she stepped for the window and opened the lattice, saying, The space is so hot, but she looked following him as long as she could see the white plumes in his hat.
01.06.2013 12:49
Terrified to death, Helena looked up and saw a Fairy standing in front of her, who asked in the kindest way possible, Why are you currently crying, my dear?Helena, who for extended had heard no friendly voice, confided her sad tale of woe to the Fairy, and told her what the new task she had been offered to perform was, and how she despaired of ever accomplishing it.
01.06.2013 13:02

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